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Kenwood developed ProTalk two way radios to support the communication needs of schools and campuses. Compact and easy to use, ProTalk radios offer the best solution for on-site communications. Common educational uses include: directing traffic, connecting administrators and staff, maintenance, janitorial, emergency preparedness, safety and more.

A small, lightweight radio such as the PKT-23 or TK-3230DX may be fine for use in small school buildings and campuses, but larger schools may require more powerful radios. For these large campuses, we recommend either our 2 watt digital/analog hybrid radio, the NX-P500, or our 5 watt digital/analog radio, the NX-340U16P.

The output power of the radio needed will vary based on the campus, but in every case we recommend UHF radios for school staff.

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*ProTalk Digital*
5 Watts of Power
151-159/451-470 mHz
Battery Life up to 12 hrs

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5 Watts of Power
64 Channels

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